The Little Black Dress- Styles most sustainable piece

You may think to yourself when you
receive an invitation to a party, wedding or any special event “what am I going
to wear?” And if any of you are like me you want to try and stay budget and
environmentally conscious while making your fashion selection. Well I have one
answer for your fashion conundrum… the little black dress!

Since the early 1900s and maybe even
before the little has been a staple in women’s fashion. Even a basic black
dress can become iconic, anyone remember Audrey Hepburn’s black dress from the
movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”? Classic, chic and very wearable even in modern
times. But now you may ask how you work the LBD for multiple occasions without
it looking like you only on this one outfit. I have two words for you:
statement accessories. There are a wide range of option when working with
accessories : necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets and even shoes. Creating a
new look with you accessories can really take your LBD to the next level. But
remember there is such a thing as over accessorizing, so be smart about it.
Below I’ve included pictures of some of my own favorite statement accessories
to give you some creative ideas.

When it comes time for you to
purchase your own little black dress make sure that it is something chic but
effortless if you go too trendy it may only look “in style” for one season and
that is not very sustainable now is it? Draw inspiration from your fashion
idols and make the LBD your own.

An Indiegogo Campaign and a Fall ’13 Collection? Yes Please!

Embody the Light

That is the link to the Indiegogo campaign I have just launched in an effort to raise money for Seed. Seed is the project I had mentioned before in a previous post and it is high time to set this baby free and see what will become of it. I have very high hopes.
Seed is a truly whole food, organic, vegetarian natural goods shop. Focused on providing access to food in its most nutritious state and other plant materials that will aid in taking a more holistic approach to living, Seed will be one more green business in the army that is fighting for a sustainable future. We can enjoy the conveniences of the modern world without aiming to destroy it and that is what green businesses are a testament of. You may have been able to discern by now that I am quite dedicated to doing my part to nurture our Mother Earth, and for me, Seed is a way.
I am now reaching out to you all, tapping in to the power of the people to help fund this vision. This is a total grassroots movement and nothing rivals word of mouth. Whether or not you can contribute dinero now, you can be an incredible help spreading the word and sharing this vision. We can reach the campaign’s goal. Seed is incredibly adaptable and has a place in any neighborhood, empowering people to be able to truly nurture and heal themselves. This is the goal of the vision, the campaign and the mission of the business. Self empowerment and connectedness. Check out the campaign page to learn a bit more and don’t hesitate to ask questions.
Now for MoonCountry. I’d say it is way overdue to take MoonCountry a bit more seriously. Now that the business plan is through I will have lots more time to post and in the works is a full collection for the Fall 2013 season! I am very excited about this, alongside planning for Seed, I have been working out designs and ways to bring a full collection together still using reconstruction methods. In the age of oversharing of course you’ll be able to follow the process!

Let’s make Seed a success!
Love and light to you and yours!!

P.S. I’m keeping that lace dress! hah! :) Pictures soon

Back at Your Door

   It had been weeks since Isabel had last seen Noah. And although she had still received the occasional call or text from him she had tried to erase him from her mind. Everyone had wanted to know the details of how things ended but she refused to talk about it, telling everyone that it hurt too much to talk about it. But mainly Isabel was afraid that if she did talk about it she would let it slip that she had slept with him one last time before she had completely ended it.

  For the most part she was staying strong. Isabel decided the best way to move on from him was to distract herself from
anything that might remotely remind her of Noah. She took on extra work projects, started to redecorate her apartment and worked out constantly. Still none of this could shake Noah from her brain. I don’t know what I’m going to do. Why can’t I get him out of my head? She asked herself with no response.

Isabel sat one night curled up on the couch watching T.V. She didn’t even know what she was watching because all she could do was think about Noah and how she missed him. She looked at her phone and picked it up. Then just as quickly as she picked it up she set it back down on the coffee table. Isabel took a deep sigh before taking a drink of her wine and turning off the television.

  She began to pace around her entire apartment, first to the kitchen then to her bedroom and then back to living room where she stood looking at her phone. She wished it to ring or do anything so she not was tempted to make the move and call Noah. Isabel couldn’t handle it anymore. On the verge of tears and screaming at the top of her lungs she decided just to say “Screw it” and call him. It rang several times before going to Noah’s voice mail. She decided not to leave a message.

 Now Isabel completely regretted making the call. Feeling a panic attack coming on she decided to go for a run. After she got back from her run she felt slightly better but still couldn’t shake the guilt she felt for calling Noah. She poured herself a fresh glass of wine and went to sit outside on her patio with a blanket. Isabel heard her phone ringing while she was outside. In that moment her heart began to skip a beat. God I hope it’s him. She thought to herself as she got up to answer it.

“Hello?” She Said

“Hey.” Noah replied.

“Hi.” She said again not knowing what to say.

“So are you avoiding me?” He asked abruptly.

“No why?”

“I’ve tried calling and texting you for awhile and I’m barely hearing from you now.”

“You know I have a lot going on right now Noah.”

“Yeah but I thought I said I’m here for you.”

“That’s why I’m calling you now. I need to see you Noah.”

She couldn’t believe what she was saying. It was like the lies flowed out like lava from a volcano. Yes she wanted him now but not for support. Isabel needed to feel that connection that only Noah can give her.

“Ok.” He replied. “I’m just getting off work do you want me to come by?”

“Sure. It’s probably best since I’ve had a few glasses of wine.”

“Well give me a little bit and I’ll head over. I’ve missed you.” He said

And like that it was done. She wasn’t sure where it was going to go from here. But at least for tonight she would be with Noah again. Isabel knew this was probably not the best thing for her but she couldn’t help it. She wasn’t over Noah as she thought and wasn’t willing to give up on him just quite yet. In some ways she felt more relieved and more like herself knowing that Noah was still there for her, whatever form it may be. At least he was going to be there when she need him.

Just as she began to smile thinking about Noah her door bell rang. She opened the door to see Noah holding some flowers in his hand. She didn’t know what to say or what to feel. Deep down she wanted to say everything she every felt. But she didn’t.

“Hi.” She smiled.

“These are for you.” He said as he came inside.

“Thanks. You want something to drink?” She said putting the flowers in a vase from the kitchen.

“Sure I’ll have whatever you’re having.”

Isabel poured two glasses of wine and brought them to the living room. She sat looking at him studying his eyes.  She didn’t know what it was that was kept her holding on to Noah but she had such a feeling when she looked at him that was indescribable. Noah smiled at her.

“You know I didn’t know how to take it when you stopped talking to me.” He said openly.

“I know.”

“So what happened?”

“I don’t know. It’s just a lot of things.” She paused

“What are you afraid of?”

 It was the question that everyone included her wanted to know. But she didn’t have the answer. In that moment she wanted to run away but she was at home, so where would she go? Noah continued you to look at her while Isabel searched for the answer. “Nothing.” She said “Everything.” Isabel began to tear up in that moment. Feeling vulnerable she got up and walked out to her patio.

 As much as she wanted to tell him everything she continued to sit there in silence. I can’t do this. I’m not that girl who can say how she really feels. Why can’t I just tell him that? She asked herself. Noah gave her plenty of time before joining her outside. Before he could even say a word she walked past him and went back inside.

“So are we going to talk about it?”

“Talk about what?” She asked defensively.

“Don’t act like you don’t know.”

“Noah if I wanted to talk about it I would. But I don’t know what to say.”

“Why do you do this? Constantly push me away when I try to get close.”

 It was true she did try and push Noah away but it wasn’t without reason. Isabel didn’t know if she could trust Noah with her heart. She didn’t know even if she did tell him how she felt that the game playing would end. That for once they could try and make it work and be happy. She didn’t know if she should even take that chance. How could she given their history?

 Instead she did the one thing she knew. She kissed him and she didn’t stop kissing him even when he tried to continue the conversation. All she said was “Noah please don’t tell me you don’t want this.” Once she said this neither of them wanted to stop. It felt like an eternity since she had felt his touch. And it felt so good. She couldn’t remember when she last felt this good. As she spooned with Noah on the couch she began to think. Why can’t things always be like this? She loved the feeling of being close to him in his arms saying nothing but knowing by the closeness in which he held her how they both felt. If this was all there was it was good enough for her…for now.

Style Quote of the Day: April 25

And I’mback!! After taking a little sabbatical to get the creative juices flowing
again I bring you another one of my ‘Style Quote of the Day’ pieces. This time
is the icon Coco Chanel.

Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the
sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is
– Coco Chanel

Image Source:

Why I love this: it’s showing you that fashion is everywhere it is not
simply clothes, it is an attitude a way of being and in this world we are all a
part of it in our own way. I think that what Coco shows is that things we see
in our everyday life are what inspires us and makes us who we are. There is
definitely beauty in this quote. As a fashonista myself I think that we can be
inspired from life and that we should look outside the box for the beauty in

How to make laundry day LESS TOXIC

why scent your clothes like a fresh breeze

Mundane tasks can be a meditation; folding clothes, doing dishes, sweeping. Being conscious as to what you’re actually doing and how it may connect to everything else can be a part of the meditation. Be thankful to have some comfort and let’s be conscious a bit about how we wash our clothes and what effects it has when making its way through the environment.
What is distressing about the modern way we do laundry is the synthetic detergents we expose ourselves to, and the impact, not only in carbon footprint, but the on water systems (here’s a nice long read about water pollution). The petrochemical solvent 1,4 dioxane is the disconcerting ingredient in Tide, which has made news lately as concerned consumers question why carcinogens are so nonchalantly making their way into our households.
Some will say, ‘oh you win some you lose some’ or that ‘the media always sensationalizes everything’. Though this may be true at times, I hope that it would appeal to our instincts to choose a natural product using natural ingredients as opposed to one laced with harmful chemicals. So what they’ll get the grass stain out of your daughter’s white shorts. Be creative, paint a flower over it if you really can’t get the stain out. Our waterways are forever more important than a pair of shorts.
My personal opinion is this: the main concern of these companies is simple… $$$$$$$$. It’s not you, the environment or your family. To find the cheapest way to make you think you are getting what you think you want is their aim. Therefore that bottom line increases and CEO’ s get to buy another yacht or something. Never mind the rash your child gets or the headaches from the dryer sheet aromas (I have experienced both). Using a natural soap in this case is actually the cheaper method all the way down the line. Causes and effects. When we start to realize connectedness in everything from our joys to our pains we take back our humanity, our personhood. We take back our power, lessening our dependency and need to be customers and thus consumers.
Most importantly, there are natural ways to achieve the desired outcome of fresh, clean clothes that pose minimal risk to the environment, if any risk at all!

So let’s start with the soap recipe. Scouring the internets there are several variations of two basic recipes for both dry and liquid soaps. Liquid laundry detergent takes a little more time and effort to make, as well as space cause you’ll need some kind of large storage container/bucket, otherwise the ingredients are basic items you can find at any drug store or supermarket. Fabric softener=vinegar. A few drops of an essential oil on a clean washcloth in the dryer will scent your clothes. Wash in cold water. Wear things more than once. If you’re able, hang your clothes outside. The sun is a natural bleach on natural fabrics.

1 bar soap (i.e.: Ivory brand, Dr. Bronners)
Washing soda
Essential oil (optional)
Baking soda (optional)

Grate soap. Add to a container 2 parts washing soda, 2 parts borax, 1 part bar soap. Voila! That’s it no chemistry kit needed.
**If you’d like to add baking soda, add 2 parts. 3-4 drops of essential oil. Use 1 tbsp-2 per load.

1years supply of soap (family of four)
16 cups baking soda
12 cups borax
8 cups grated soap
3 tbsp essential oil
Use 1/8 cup per load

Directions: Grate bar of soap and put into pot of water over medium heat. ‘Cook’ until soap is dissolved. In a ten gallon bucket fill halfway with hot water. Add pot of dissolved soap, washing soda, borax and the optional ingredients. Fill the rest of the way with hot water. Stir before each use. 1/2 -1 cup per load.

««prewash stain remover»»
1/2 cup white vinegar
1/4 cup baking soda
3 cups water
Add ingredients to a spray bottle, shake before use.

1 cup hydrogen peroxide
1/4 cup lemon or grapefruit juice
12 cups water
Use 2 cups per load

FABRIC. You probably already know fabric comes in two types; natural and synthetic. Well, three, being that often you’ll find blends of naturals and synthetics or blends of synthetics. In all honesty using natural laundry soap will work better on natural fibers than the synthetic ones. From my experience, my synthetics and natural come out pretty clean so I haven’t noticed much of a difference.

Natural, animal based and very resilient. There are different varieties of wool that come from different animals and its functions as a natural jacket for the animal has evolved to resist wear and tear remarkably. It has the ability to absorb moisture without feeling wet to the touch and doesn’t need to be washed often.
Do’s/Don’ts: Do remove dirt or soil promptly, wash on a delicate setting, air dry. Do not rub to remove soil

Cotton’s star capabilities lay within it being apt to breathe, absorb and release moisture. It is durable, can withstand heat and very versatile. Notoriously known for the large amounts of pesticides used to grow cotton and the chemicals used to dye it, I would suggest searching for organic garments using natural dyes. Wash in warm water and can be put in a dryer or hung to dry. Ironing maintains its shape.

Resistant to wrinkles, polyester today is not the same as it was in our parent’s days, it can be almost as soft as silk. Almost. It can be easily machine washed without much worry. Polyester can scorch so drying the item too long or ironing with too hot an iron is no bueno.

I wash my RAYON or VISCOSE items by hand, in cold water. Do not ring, handle with care. Air dry. I’m not a fan of dry cleaners, as most labels will advise, washing by hand is just fine. Breathable and kind of silky. I love my striped viscose skirt because it shapes my subtle curves just right. Iron with care on low.

The method of obtaining silk is criticized by animal rights activists because the larvae is killed in order to harvest the cocoon. Ahimsa silk (following the philosophy to “not hurt any living thing”) is obtained through wild and semi-wild silk moths. Often smooth, sometimes shiny, it absorbs moisture. Clothes serve a practical purpose first and silk is known for its ability to stay cool in the day and warm at night. Handwash, cold water. Do not twist to remove water. Instead, use a towel to blot out most the water and hang to dry. Wire hangers will leave marks and the sun will fade the color.

How are you implementing greener techniques when doing laundry?

Sources for soap recipes:

MoonCountry Ladies/Accessories

To purchase any of the items shown here send us an email ( and we will address your inquiry as soon as possible!

Recycle & Reuse: How to reuse wine bottles and old winter sweaters

Wine, is tasty. I am in no way a connoisseur of wines, but I do know my favorites are dry wines from Iberia or Chile. With a decent wine in my glass and good company, soon you will be seeing all 28 of my teeth and my jokes progressively getting worse or funnier, depends on your sense of humor, oh and the sarcasm, beware of the sarcasm. Being a wine-o and being friendly to the environment is not a juxtaposition. There are many wonderful things you can do with the MANY used wine bottles you have hidden under the kitchen sink. One that I found profoundly useful and versatile is to turn the bottles into tumblers. You know, to drink wine from. I found this tutorial at instructables. Here is a simple glass cutting contraption you can fashion together yourself for about $15. Takes minimal effort and can be done over the weekend just in time for your habitual glass of vino after ‘The Monday’.

Coogi Sweaters

Even in Hawaii, the winter months brings about a chill in the air and light to medium weight sweaters are necessary. The temperature dips just below 70 and all hell breaks loose where as now you gotta break out the blankets at 3 A. M. cause you’re actually cold. To compliment the DIY wine bottle tumblers, here is a tutorial on how to unravel those old winter sweaters that have found their way to the back of your closet. Whatever the case, there are usually sections dedicated to discarded winter sweaters at your local thrift store. Unravel them and make something new! A blanket, baby or adult booties, a scarf, a hat, a dog sweater or a cat sweater if you’re lucky enough to have a Sphynx cat. Learning to crochet is quite simple. I was taught by a wonderful woman from South Africa standing under a mango tree, in less than five minutes. Teach yourself a craft and get to creatin’!

**Unraveling Tips:
-soak in cold water for 15-30 minutes and hang to dry in order to get the yarn spaghetti straight
- patience is a virtue, overriding rush the unraveling process

Current Events

Twisted Metal Collection Necklace

I am a mother two wonderful little people and realized along the way that I didn’t want to be the kind of parent that serves as a talking box, spouting off the ‘shoulds’. Instead I want to be the kind of parent that leads by example. It wouldn’t sit right with me to spend the years of their childhood telling them that they shouldn’t give up when pursuing a dream, or telling them they need to focus or telling them that to fail at something is not necessarily an ending. I want to show them. It’s February and 2013 is in full effect.
I am a woman with goals, pretty lofty one’s some would say. In the past few months I’ve been sitting on these posts. Focused on finishing the last few steps in the first phase of a project that I’ve spent the more than a year and a half working on. Researching, developing the idea, figuring out what’s needed to make it grow. Although I am not ready to share the details of the project, it is definitely an eco-friendly endeavor. As I come to the end of the first phase I know that I am not only doing this to fulfill something for myself but also to serve as a model for my youngins. So that as they get older and start to find their passions and explore their curiosities, they can feed off the reserves of courage that I hope to have been able to instill in them through my words, but more importantly through my actions.
My journey has been, interesting, and I am thankful for it. I’ve gathered inspiration from a lot of unknowing people. In hindsight I can directly attribute brewing the idea of this project, wanting to go back to school, MoonCountry and the fact that these things fit together seamlessly to the ups and downs of my journey through life. In all my endeavors I want to bridge connectivity between us and the environment and thus the universe. I am sharing this with the chance that whomever reads this will find the inspiration and courage to start or continue their journey towards being their true self and being their best. If that is the path you are already on great! Keep on, you never know you’ll inspire.

I am an ever evolving spirit and so is MoonCountry. For the shop, we’re closing the bigcartel store for now. As great as it is, wasn’t working for us. Instead, when clicking on the store tab you’ll be able to view all the pieces and if you’d like to purchase one, or a few, send us an email inquiry. We’ll be launching that option Wednesday!
I welcome the upsets just as I welcome the successes because they are one in the same if I am doing my best. So with all this being said here are a few things recently that have given me a bit of inspiration….

Positive Black Stories by Heru G. Duenas on Facebook


Facebook profile

Idle No More;

Swades (A lovely Bollywood movie starring Shahrukh Khan)

Mohan returns to India and breathes new life into a small village


Spring Fashion Trends- Short Suits

No need to light a fire in the fireplace, Christina is hot

Each season I wait in excitement to see what the new trends
for the upcoming season are and how I can incorporate the ones I’m digging into
my everyday or even special occasion wardrobe. This year is no different. I
have seen I have appreciated and I have ideas. Since joining the slow fashion
mission I have become more aware of the benefits of sustainable fashion and
making mother earth a better place. With that in mind I will be writing a
series of articles on how to incorporate the latest trends into your closet
with things you probably already have.

The first spring trend I would like to discuss is the Short
Suit. I love this because it’s androgynous and sexy at the same time. It’s very
much a powerful and bold look and takes a lot of confidence to pull it off. And
I don’t know if our MoonCountry readers remember my article about the 5 ways to
reuse your interview blazer but I stated piecing your blazer with a pair of
dressy shorts and some heels for a killer look. I knew I was on point there! J

There are many ways you can do this look, you can stick with
the traditional suit style and do a black blazer and black shorts or if you are
wild and have other color blazers in your closet I suggest going for a more
colorful look (it is spring after all), but remember at MoonCountry we are
about slow fashion so I encourage you to try and use what you have and only by
pieces when necessary that you can get year around use out of.

Since I already have a blazer and short I have created the
look below to give you an idea of how to make this hot summer trend yours.

Remember MoonCountry friends we can be stylish for all
seasons and health out our environment all you need is a little encouragement
and creativity.  Stay trendy!

Style Pick of the Week: Preciosa a MoonCountry Original

For this week’s style piece of the week I went with the MoonCountry Original named “Preciosa”. I love this clutch. It is casual and stylish but is also very versatile and a bonus MoonCountry has 2 sizes of this piece to offer you! Going with a neutral color clutch makes this a must and a go to for your lifestyle. You never have to say to yourself “what can I wear to go with this” because all the colors in the rainbow do. This clutch would be perfect to take for a day trip to the beach, for your work week, while running errands; it can even be dressed up. If you have read my previous Style blogs you remember my 3 Ways to Winterize your wardrobe I can definitely see this clutch going with any of those 3 pieces.

At MoonCountry we are all about Slow Fashion and helping preserve mother earth by using what we already have and creating it into new products “Preciosa” does just that. Having a go to clutch that you can use for every day makes getting ready that much easier and as a fashionista that is key. We already have such busy lives let’s learn to simplify and enjoy it whilst being eco-friendly.

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